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MA Zaviar Trading PVT. Ltd

About :

MA Zaviar Trading Pvt Ltd specializes in international trade and commerce spanning imports, exports and wholesale distribution of goods globally. Over the past decade, we have carved a strong niche with our reliability, efficiency and transparent processes. Our unique value lies in deeply understanding international trade complexities and customizing solutions to simplify global market access for businesses – both small and large.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to empower businesses to access global markets easily by being a trusted partner for their international trade needs. We aim to provide the most conducive platforms for importers and exporters to grow. Our vision is to enhance the steel import and export across Pakistan and all around the world.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to add value to companies by guiding them expertly through the complexity of global trade. We aspire to be the premier facilitator of import-export operations with an international network spanning manufacturing hubs across China and other markets.

Our Services:

International Trade Facilitation

  • Assist clients in conducting import and export transactions globally
  • Identify the most suitable suppliers and manufacturers for desired products worldwide
  • Provide guidance on best practices in international trade dealings

Import Solutions

  • Offer end-to-end import services for bringing goods into Pakistan
  • Cover significant industries like plastic, miscellaneous and automotive
  • Import industrial machinery, equipment, components, spare parts as per client specifications and needs
  • Offer imported bikes, cars, automotive vehicles and aftermarket accessories
Sourcing and Supplier Management:
  • Specialized teams to handle different industry verticals and product categories
  • Guide clients in selecting the most reliable and appropriate suppliers for their needs
  • Negotiate pricing and other purchase terms and conditions with suppliers
  • Consultation services to manage transactions and achieve optimal procurement

With presence across key manufacturing hubs in China and other markets, along with expertise in trade operations and regulations, MA zaviar Trading facilitates businesses to access the best quality merchandise, materials and equipment at the right prices through imports.

Mazaviar Trading Pvt Ltd is a company that specializes in importing various products from China to Pakistan.

Key Products Imported:
  • Garments – all types of casual wear, sportswear, kids wear, pajamas etc. They import both fabric and finished garments.
  • Furniture & Office Appliances – wide range of furniture for domestic and commercial purposes, along with related office appliances, paper products, labels etc.
  • Hardware & Construction Materials – builder hardware, doors & windows, furniture hardware, ornamental fittings, locks, welding materials etc. Provides consultation on imports in this category.
  • Toys – all varieties of toys for kids including electric, remote control, clockwork etc
  • Automobiles – imports cars from China based on client demand

The company leverages the close business ties and favorable trade relations between China and Pakistan. It aims to facilitate easy and cost-effective imports of Chinese consumer and commercial goods into Pakistan for local distribution and sales.

Our Commitment:

At MA Zaviar Trading, we make business growth easier through:

Integrity – We uphold good governance, compliance, confidentiality and fair transparency at all times

Expert Guidance – Our experienced team stands by customers as trusted advisors at every step

 Efficiency – We deliver optimal outcomes faster through streamlined processes

Value – Customized solutions aimed  commercial wins rather than just cost arbitrage

 Innovation – Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and global connections Relationships – We foster long-term associations based on trust and performance

With presence across major trade hubs and a customer-centric culture, MA Zaviar offers the pathways for exporters and importers to access and succeed globally.

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