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Mehboob Steel Traders

About :

Mehboob Steel Traders is a leading steel pipes trader in Pakistan carrying on the rich legacy built by our founder, the late Mr. Mehboob Alam. Established in 1954 as a steel unit in Gujranwala, the company relocated to Lahore in 1960 and was renamed ‘Mehboob Sons’ in 1983.

Despite the tragic loss of Mr. Mehboob Alam, his vision has been carried forward by his sons and today, Mehboob Steel stands as one of the most prestigious steel companies in Pakistan and China.

Our Vision:

To be the most innovative and reliable steel products company in Pakistan by consistently delivering high-value solutions to our domestic and international customers.

Our vision is for Mehboob Steel Traders to set new quality benchmarks in the industry through operational excellence while being recognized as one of the foremost steel pipes and accessories providers in Pakistan and across global markets.

We envision utilizing the latest manufacturing technology combined with intelligent business strategies to produce best-in-class steel offerings catering to market demands globally. With a customer-centric approach, new product R&D capabilities and environmentally sustainable practices, we aim to drive growth multidimensionally – in terms of revenue, profitability, customer base and global reach.

Our Mission:

Our central mission is to maximize long-term value for all our stakeholders including employees, communities, customers and shareholders through operational efficiency, continuous innovation and upholding exceptional quality across all our product lines.

To accomplish this:

  • We will invest substantially in R&D and collaborate with steel sector experts globally to develop innovative product designs and superior grades that cater to current and emergent customer needs.
  • We commit to understanding shifting market dynamics and external environments to proactively transform our capabilities, technology and strategies accordingly. This understanding will also guide investment decisions on new machinery, facility expansions, hiring talent, etc.
  • Our responsible business practices will cover ethical employee policies, eco-friendly operations to preserve natural resources and supporting community welfare through donations, and volunteering.

By upholding excellence across people, processes and practices, our mission is to sustain our market leadership in Pakistan while significantly expanding global presence as a premier steel products and solutions provider.

Our Product:

Our products include

  • Mild steel pipes
  • Stainless steel pipes

These products are available in various grades and sizes and we publish rate charts regularly to make our customers aware of the market rates and our affordable prices.

Our Commitment to Quality:

As Mr. Mehboob Alam’s legacy, quality is paramount for us. Through stringent Quality Control checks, advanced manufacturing and hardware, we ensure defect-free products compliant with industrial standards. Customers can rely on timely deliveries done with integrity.

Our Core Values:

Customer Obsession: Serving customers is at the heart of what we do. We strive to understand their needs and deliver accordingly.

Leadership: We empower every team member and encourage them to think creatively, take ownership and drive innovation.

Integrity: Honesty, transparency and acting ethically are essential to our way of working.

Excellence: We take pride in our work and have high standards of quality that we aim to maintain across all areas.

Teamwork: Collaborating across teams and supporting each other is crucial for our success.

In Summary, For over 65 years, Mehboob Steel Traders has been renowned for its premium quality pipes, professional service and business ethics. We have emerged amongst the industry leaders due to our founder’s vision and dedication of our people. As we continue evolving through manufacturing excellence and customer satisfaction, our aim is to be the most trusted name in steel.

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